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website design

Website Design

Let’s face it. Creating a website can be one of the most daunting, expensive, and time consuming activities you could ever do. With the marketing, phone calls, and client attraction and management you have to do, who has time to learn html, applications, and all that jazz?

A website is ultimately your online business card. Its the first impression visitors and referral sources get of you and your law firm, and a tool that can either help build or break your professional reputation, referrals, and business.

As an attorney, I’ve known what it is to spend thousands of dollars on website designers who promised me lots of things. Despite all the promises, I was never able to change my information when I wanted, upload new pictures or contact information, or even add new pages without having to pay more. I got tired of this and of seeing how many lawyers are currently in this same situation… at the hands of a web designer to make the most simple changes to their website. 
That’s why we’ve made it simple. Each of the 3 pre-designed website templates we offer allow you full control over them. No more being at the mercy of a web designer to get your website up and running. No more waiting weeks and paying extra money to get your new pictures up on your site, or the new services you are now offering, or any other change or addition you want to make on your webpage. 
You have full control over your own website.  Best of all, you also get a step by step written tutorial showing you exactly how you can easily input your information, upload pictures to your website, and more. 
No matter what your level of internet knowledge is, you can have a slick and professional website done quickly and easily. We set up your domain, email accounts, and website and give you a step by step written manual so you can make any additions or changes you wish at any time from anywhere that you have an internet connection!   

With each of our website templates, you can: 

  • Upload as many pictures as you want.

  • Make unlimited amount of changes to your information.

  • Create as many pages on the website as you need and choose whether you want to create a Blog or not.

  • Maintain full control over everything that does and does not get published on your website.

  • Get our easy step by step written tutorial showing you exactly how to make additions and changes to the information on your site.

  All of our website packages include hosting, domain and email account set up, and full website uploading.  You simply send us the information and graphics you want to include on your website and we do the rest. Check out the available website templates today or contact us to find out more about available add-ons and our custom made websites.

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