Life Coaching for Business Owners

Life Coaching for Business Owners

Are you getting nowhere with your business? Do you wake up in the morning frustrated by the way your life is going and wishing you had a clear direction in which to your company? Or is your business taking up all of your time and consuming your whole life? Have you started wondering why you even started your business?

If you answered “Yes” to even one of these questions, then you are not living your life to its potential and you are not growing your business at the optimal level.

As business owners, we have specific traits that make us innovators and leaders. Yet, those traits can also be our worst enemy.

We have marketing, advertising, managing, organizing, product creation, and all kinds of other tasks to do on a daily basis. As a business owner, we wear more hats than any other profession does… and many of us do this quite successfully.

It is usually these people that end up being our coaching clients. These are business owners who are completely confident of their capability to reach the goal they are seeking, to create the change needed in their personal or business life to excel further, and are aware of the value this brings to them, their families, their staff, and their customers.

Those traits that make us such visionaries, innovators, and driven people can also make us perfectionists, procrastinators, and anxiety-ridden. This is why balance is such an important factor in success and why it is our company mantra.

Success through balance is the key for real and consistent success.


Work life Balance


Entrepreneurs are usually innovative, driven, intelligent, hard-working people. We thrive on creating, developing, and seeing the fruit of our work. However, these traits are sometimes the most damaging obstacle to our business and personal success and satisfaction. Because we wear so many hats as the owner of our business, it is easy for us to become consumed by the business or by our own perfectionism. This leads to burn out, lack of fulfillment, and an enormous obstacle to the growth of our business and ourselves.

The fulfillment to which I refer is that which you get as a result of achieving success through work life balance. When you create boundaries and allow yourself to life a more full life, you experience empowerment and a life of fulfillment. This can be a difficult task to undertake as business owners who have no staff, work from a home office, or work with family members.

Yes, the results are absolutely worth the effort. When you have a healthy work life balance and set specific boundaries between your business and your personal life, you eliminate burn out, procrastination, anxiety, or any other self defeating behaviors. You experience new found confidence and personal satisfaction and become much more creative in your business techniques and product creation.

This satisfaction also carries into every segment of your life. You are not only more effective at your business, but are also more relaxed and present in your home. Your fulfillment and satisfaction also motivates you to manage your time in more efficient ways, delegate work, and inspire your staff.


Interpersonal skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication


Are you a good listener? Do you communicate efficiently and empathically? Are your staff members and customers satisfied with your communication style? Though your gut reaction would lead you to answer “Yes” to all 3 of these questions, if you look further, you’ll realize that the answer may not be what it seems.

You’ve got great products to sell or incredible services to provide. But, do you really know how to communicate?

Having excellent services or products available to customers is a minimum requirement to succeed as a business owner. Interpersonal skills such as communicating and listening are as if not more essential. They are a bare requirement for business development, client relations, staff management, and delegation. Communication skills are also critical in successful negotiations, advertising, networking, and presentations. These are absolutely essential skills to the growth of your business and to improving dynamics at home.


Values and Decisions


When you know what your core values are, you walk more confidently and secure. You are less likely to take on customers’ or partners’ values and potentially get derailed from your ultimate business goals. Being aware of your values enables you to make decisions that are congruent with your personal and business life plan. Each time you make a decision with the knowledge of your values in place, you take control and empower yourself and your business.


Beliefs and Obstacles


Every single one of us has beliefs about ourselves, our potential, our strengths, our weaknesses, our success, and life in general. These beliefs either support or paralyze our personal and professional success. As business owners, our beliefs are a huge influence. They determine how we handle our tasks each day, what we do to grow our business on a regular basis, how we see the direction of our business, how we see the direction of our personal lives, how we handle conflicts, and how we view risks, possibilities, and options.

Our professions and life experiences create beliefs for us that we are generally not ever aware of. These beliefs are what determine how we respond to changes, challenges, and goals in our life.

Our beliefs can be our most powerful tool or our worst enemy.

Through specific coaching assessments and techniques, I work with you to use your beliefs to your highest advantage. We work together to 1. Identify your beliefs, 2. Determine how they are helpful or harmful in regards to where you want to get in life and what you want to achieve with your business, and 3. Re-frame those beliefs to create new ones that are supportive of your goals. Changing beliefs is the most effective strategy to reaching goals in life faster and more easily.


Stress Reduction


Working as a lawyer is a job that is filled with continuous pressures, deadlines, headaches, and stress. To many of us, the word “lawyer” is not just a professional title. It is who we are and who we identify ourselves to be in society, in our home, and to ourselves.

Doing this, we create a constant stream of stress for ourselves. We never turn off the “lawyer” mode to be ourselves. So, we live our family lives experiencing the same amount of stress that we did in the office. This is not even mentioning all the stress we bring with us once we shut down our office computer for the day.

These high levels of stress create migraines, back pains, insomnia, anxiety attacks, and depression. They also lead to substance addiction and even suicide. On that note, did you know scientific studies have shown lawyers suffer the highest level of stress as a profession, on a national level?

Stress kills. It can literally kill your business life, your personal life, your health, and your marriage. I work with successful business owners and those who are just starting out to create work life balance, reduce stress, and teach them easy stress reduction techniques they can apply on a daily basis.


Professional Satisfaction and Fulfillment


Do you feel disconnected from your business, from your customers, and from your staff? Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Does it amaze you that your business is still running or that your spouse hasn’t left you yet?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Hundreds of business owners feel this way on a daily basis. They work over 10 hour days in growing or maintaining their business. Yet, they have lost their passion, creativity, and direction for their business. They have reached a point where they resent their business and wander why they created it in the first place.

This happens all too often and can be prevented easily. It happens when the business owner has allowed the business to take its own direction or to take over his or her entire life.

If any of these statements resonated with you, you are tired of it, and are ready to create change in your life and in your business, you are ready for coaching.


How We Help Business Owners

Through coaching, I help business owners build, grow, and expand their companies, increase profits, improve employee satisfaction and productivity, and achieve personal and professional success through work life balance.

As a business owner myself, I have personal knowledge and experience of the issues that hold business owners back from achieving true success, from experiencing balance in their life, from living a life of fulfillment, and from taking your business to the next level.

Many times, we are our own biggest obstacle.

It is amazing how so many incredibly talented, creative, and hard working business owners sabotage their own growth, development, and success. They become paralyzed, procrastinate, and make all kinds of self-defeating choices that limit or destroy their chances of real success.

If you are tired of hitting the same bumps in the road, of feeling like you have no options, of continuing to make the same decisions and actions that keep you from getting farther in life, and are ready to be challenged, to make changes, and to create success in your life, you are ready for coaching. We invite you to contact us today and learn more about our how we are different.


In general, we work with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to…

  1. Engineer a plan to put their tons of ideas, goals, and products or services into action.
  2. Create boundaries between their work and personal life, separate from work is extra hard for those that have home offices.
  3. Learn how to focus energy, creativity, and drive effectively into a project at a time.
  4. Ask for what their services and products are worth.
  5. Develop their time management, organizational, interpersonal communication, and delegation skills.
  6. Learn how to find, identify, and hire best staff for their needs.
  7. Network effectively, create symbiotic relationships, affiliates, and joint ventures.
  8. Identify a specific niche, measurable marketing tasks, and an overall marketing plan.
  9. Design specific and measurable goals for their personal and professional life.
  10. Remove self imposed obstacles, negative self talk, negative thoughts, negative behaviors.
  11. Change thinking patterns so can identify opportunities and possibilities in a new found manner.
  12. Get in touch with their values so that their personal and professional life and their decisions are all a reflection of them.
  13. Make decisions that are conducive to reaching the goals they set out for themselves.
  14. Establish themselves as an authority in their market for as little money as possible.
  15. Create systems that allow a business to run itself without their involvement.
  16. Establish boundaries and strong work life balance.
  17. Fight the tendency and temptation to accept the status quo, become stagnant, etc.
  18. Manage a team of staff virtually without having to leave the country, city, or comfort of their home office.
  19. Become more unavailable without harming the productivity of your business.
  20. Start thinking and planning for the next chapters or transitions in their personal life.


What You Can Expect from Coaching

  • Objective, confidential assistance
  • Increased revenue
  • Attainment of personal and professional satisfaction
  • Improved communication, management, organizational skills
  • Focused energy resulting in enhanced performance
  • Reduction in stress level
  • Feeling more in control of your business and personal life
  • Thriving productivity and growth resulting from being pushed out of your comfort zone, challenged, and taught to achieve success through balance


When do Business Owners Hire a Coach?

  • Have owned a business for years and are ready to reach higher profits
  • Want to design a business that reflects their values
  • Want further success from developing their time management skills, networking skills, and marketing skills
  • Are ready to make changes in themselves and their business to maximize their strengths and enable their business to reach new levels
  • Realize they are getting in the way of the growth of their business
  • Have been consumed by their business and have no work life balance
  • Want to strengthen their communication and rapport skills
  • Have lost their passion and sense of fulfillment in life
  • Want to create new products, target new demographics, use new ways of marketing
  • Have hit a wall in the growth of their business


Why does Coaching Work?

  1. It provides a safe and confidential sounding board focused specifically on your personal and professional growth
  2. It integrates learning and action
  3. Specific plans are designed
  4. You take action each week
  5. Unbiased, non-judgmental, and honest feedback is given
  6. You are held accountable for all actions or lack thereof
  7. You learn new ways of handling challenges, obstacles, and opportunities.

See studies showing the success of coaching, find out how our coaching process works, and more about the coaching programs we have available.

If the statements in this page resonated with you, you may be ready for coaching. Go ahead and request a free 30 minute coaching session so you can experience coaching first hand, interact with my personal communication style, and determine whether you are ready to start coaching and developing true success in your life.

Sonia Gallagher, JD, Holistic Executive Life Coach
I'm really looking forward to working with you to reach new heights of success and balance in your personal and professional life!

Sonia Gallagher, JD
Holistic Executive Life Coach

PS. If you are ready to be challenged, to steer your life in a new direction, and to achieve the goals you desire, I invite you to request a Free Coaching Session and Experience Coaching and How It Can Benefit Your First-hand!