Tips to look good this summer

Now that the holidays are coming and whom also who smallest amount makes a trip to the beach or go to a pool to cool off, it is when the decisive moment arrives in the mirror. Put on a bikini or swimsuit can become a frightening for those who do not have enough care during the winter, but do not give up. The laggards are still time to get in form and get the body you would like to see reflected in the mirror. By following, these tips even arrive!

Reduce intake of carbohydrates

More and more specialists who advise us to eat fewer carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bakery, etc.) because they become very difficult to remove fat, constitute a real bomb for our purpose of reducing volume, and improve our appearance. Remember, the only carbohydrates you should consume are those that provide fruits and vegetables.

tips to look good

Keep your intake of fats and proteins

Recent studies have shown no relationship between fat intake and cardiovascular disease or obesity. Therefore, we can smooth consumption, always within reason, and ensuring that they type fatty acids omega-3 containing foods like fish salmon, anchovies, sardines, tuna, etc. seafood and nuts as almonds or walnuts. Continue reading Tips to look good this summer

A simple blood test detects cancer

Through saliva is possible to detect the attendance of DNA of head and neck cancer, which can be used to improve the treatment and monitoring of people with this disease but the diagnosis of a non-invasive form of these tumors they are increasing. This was demonstrated by a team in a group of 93 patients with head and neck cancer and published in Science Translational Medicine. The results suggest that a simple blood or saliva psychoanalysis could in the future enable the detection and monitoring of head and neck cancer.

detects cancer

The presence of DNA of this type of tumor they explain can be measured in blood and saliva. “In our work saliva tests seemed to be the best way to detect cancer in the oral cavity and the blood seemed to find more cancers of the larynx, hypopharynx and oropharynx. However, the combination of blood and saliva can be the best for cancer in any of these areas. Continue reading A simple blood test detects cancer

Breast cancer the murderer of women

Breast cancer is the most common in the world after lung and the the majority common among women, although men also suffer. Each year there are nearly 1.4 million new cases worldwide and kills half a million people. Most are women, it is the first female cancer and accounts for 24% of all sufferers. It represents 14% of all cancer deaths in women, and 1.6% of all female deaths worldwide. The significance of seeing time numerous of the deaths are avoidable.

In the past five years, 4.4 million women are alive after an early diagnosis. WHO says it can be diagnosed early with a mammogram, so the location of epidemiological risk areas is one of the main strategies of public health systems. The mortality rate of this cancer for example, varies from one province other.  The number of deaths from the illness has fallen in Spain since 2001, after a steady increase in the 80 and 90.

breast cancer

The Carlos III Health Institute attributes national implementation of mass screening programs. The same change of trend has also been observed in the US, Canada, Australia, Holland, France and Italy. The risks Old age, menstruation early, direct family history, taking hormones like estrogen and progesterone in the elderly at first birth she had never given birth consume alcohol or be of white race are risk factors, according to the National Cancer Institute. Genetic factors affect 5% to 10% of cases. It also increase the incidence among women who have already had cancer in one breast and they have more chances of developing ovarian cancer. Continue reading Breast cancer the murderer of women

Diabetes does not keep you from your activities

The exercise should be simple. Way into my treadmill for two minutes to warm up, then I run two minutes and two minutes off again. Repeat this sequence several times for 20 or 25 minutes. If you do it the correct way when you end you will be drenched in sweat. Running and walking intervals is very good because it puts less strain on your body to run for long periods.


So after intervals go out and practice about 150 shots in the basket with them. The simple act of going out there, build a few shots and moving, burning calories. It maintains fluid movement from the bottom of my body. Just you do not realize how much physical activity does because you are having fun. Continue reading Diabetes does not keep you from your activities

Habits to look younger you can start today

Fashions and trends of diet and exercise come and go, and many of us know very well that most are not easy to follow. However, according to medical professionals, not all screw up cream in the world can do for you what they can do a number of healthy habits. Are you looking for the fountain of youth? You can discover these habits to look younger you can start today.

Upgrade your morning coffee

How many of us start the day drinking a cup of coffee in the morning? Almost all coffee seems to do magic to wake up and after a few minutes felt like a shock of energy to start the day. However, if you want to look younger you have to be acquainted with how drinking coffee. The author of the book the clandestine of hormones Tami Seraglio explains that drinking now a cup of coffee in the morning is not the best way to wake our body.

habits to look younge

Because the adrenal glands have been quiet while sleeping and began to start their revolutions around 3 or 4 in the morning to wake you up. In addition when hit with caffeine on an empty stomach that is like a slap in the face. It is best to drink coffee with a dollop of coconut oil added keen on the cup or together with a protein rich smoothie. Continue reading Habits to look younger you can start today

Slimming guide for people with little time

Hello friends today’s we want share you some rules for losing weight. Follow a strict diet supposed to be aware of the foods they buy establish and cook different dishes every day breakfast, lunch and dinner at least. Moreover, to achieve weight loss you have to go to the gym and at least take a long time over there and the times at which you are so crowded that there is no room on any machine.

slimming guide

Therefore, many people argue that meet all these requirements is virtually impossible in his day. True explains Amanda in Health. Healthy weight loss can be a time commitment particularly if your extra kilos are there thanks to a job that keeps you sedentary for a large amount of the day as a day that is lends itself to fast food. Continue reading Slimming guide for people with little time

The mysteries of the female body

There are many things we do not know of our body let alone our genitals, always surrounded by an even mythological mist thickened to have been a taboo subject for too long. Is a problem in that they are treated in areas that can provide a huge pleasure if we use them properly but at the same time can be a major source of disease.

We know we are not stopping to read the instruction manual of our new mobile phone, TV or blender, but it does not hurt to know a little more concerning the sexual organs whether our partner to get all the juice possible or ours pardon the expression. Here we collect some of the most striking curiosities about vaginas, which are much more than a membranous and fibrous duct in female mammals extending from the vulva to the womb.

female body

It has more nerves penis

If you are a man, the next time you feel satisfied massaging his member think this will have about 4,000 nerve endings, while only a woman’s clitoris may be around 8,000 , and if stimulated, affect other 15,000 the pelvic area. However, the rest of the vagina does not enjoy the profusion nerve of the clitoris and the highest attentiveness is in the third input of said apparatus. Continue reading The mysteries of the female body

Baby sleeping aids

The babies sleep many more hours than adults, can reach 16 hours during the first 3 months. In addition, it is that during relax your body performs essential functions for the baby, as the production of growth hormone and brain maturation. Therefore, sleep is necessary for the proper physical and mental growth of the child.

Sleep baby has only two phases: Phase REM in which the brain is active and phase non-REM deep sleep of absolute rest. The baby’s sleep patterns will adapt to acquire the adult, regularly a year join together know the dark with the time sleeping and distinguish the day from the night.

sleeping aids

For baby body suits well to the changes necessary at the outset to acquire good habits to sleep the first is to go after a regular schedule. Lift her at the same time during the day and night to avoid disturbing the baby sleep late and avoid very long naps of more than three hours, the small must be awake 3 hours before going to bed at night. Also you should leave active games for the day and quiet for the last few hours to learn to recognize game-day-night sleep. Continue reading Baby sleeping aids

Green tea may reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. A team of researchers recently published the results of a randomized trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of the active components of green tea to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men who are predisposed to this.

The increased consumption of green tea, specifically twenty percent is consumed in Asian countries, where the death rate from prostate cancer is one of the lowest in the world and apparently, the risk of breast cancer is rising among Asian men who abandon their original eating habits.

Green tea

EGCG may help prevent prostate cancer

These recent studies have shown that green tea substance called catechism inhibit the growth of cancer cells and rouse cancer cell death. Tea catechins are also used to prevent and reduce the growth of tumors in animals. The most abundant catechin is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and is the most powerful ever found in green tea accountable for these effects of cancer prevention. Continue reading Green tea may reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Watch freckles moles and skin blemishes

Examining freckles moles and spots on the skin. The best way to combat skin cancer is prevention. Protect yourself well and watch the sun freckles moles and your body to observe their look and evolution. Examine the skin involves taking note of all stains on his body freckles and moles or skin spots that appear with age. Do not forget the ABCDE of skin cancer symmetry Borders, C smell D aimer and Evolution. The melanomas usually have four aspects.

skin blemishes

  • A: Asymmetry: It presents halves differently.
  • B: Borders: Irregular.
  • C: Color: It has areas of different color with brown or black shadows and sometimes in red, white or blue.
  • D: Diameter: Malignant skin tumors usually have a diameter greater than 6 mm.
  • E: Evolution: Periodically observe your state to see if the lesion changes in size shape or color, or is bleeding and will not heal. If any of these symptoms or change in appearance would not hesitate to go to your dermatologist.

Continue reading Watch freckles moles and skin blemishes