Harmful effects of the sun on the skin

Wrinkles, sunspots, burns, melanomas and even cancer find out the negative effects of UV rays on your skin. Of ultraviolet emission, are 95% UVA and UVB are 5%. The UVA rays are those that reach the deep dermis causing stains, wrinkles and skin aging while UVB remain on the skin surface being responsible for redness and burns. One of the main functions of the skin is the protection of ultraviolet rays by melanin formation and thickening of the horny layer of the skin against the sun. The UVB activate the formation of new melanin getting late effect (to 3-4 days) and durable pigmentation 15 days if no more exposures as UVA oxidize the melanin get an instant effect of short period. The two types of radiation are harmful and cause effects of the sun.

sun on the skin

Effects of the sun can produce a rash or sunburn that appears shortly after exposure. Its intensity depends on the skin type, the maximum peak at 24 hours and its duration can be 1 week if not taken over the sun. The effects of radiation are cumulative, whether repeated contact to low intensity. Wrinkles, sun spots, actinic kurtosis (precancerous) appear in sun-exposed areas like Zara, neck, hands aging skin. Continue reading Harmful effects of the sun on the skin

Natural treatment for skin lightening

For various reasons the skin tone can go missing and not now in areas such as the face but in other parts of the body such as the neck, arms or legs inclusive. That is why we made ​​this post to talk about a natural treatment for skin lightening either the face or other body part. Before seeing the treatment for skin lightening keep in mind that many Sometimes the defeat of clarity in the skin is that sunscreen is not used and there would be many skins used with time and wear lose their clarity.


There are also well natural remedies for skin lightening creams other based chemicals that help restore skin tone, although we think it is best to always use natural and hence our blog and this post here. What will make this pasta will see below is get rid of dead skin cells and scum in it to help restore natural shine. We will need the following ingredients. Continue reading Natural treatment for skin lightening

Tips for respiratory allergies

Pollen, dust mites, dust are agents that cause an allergic reaction in many people, and increase at certain times of year and in spring. Follow these instructions to relieve symptoms and sign a usual antihistamine. The allergens such as pollen dust mold, mites, chemicals cat hairs are the cause of many allergic reactions. The allergic rhinitis has these symptoms common sneezing, itchy throat, stuffy nose, red eyes and tearing. They can cause complexity breathing wheezing in the bronchi, chest tightness and asthma.


The allergy is inherited, if any genetic issue in the family between 25-75% more likely to be exposed. The hay fever affects 20% of the population although this figure is rising and increasingly occurs in children and twenties. During the first years of life contact with bacteria and viruses helps grow our immune system getting stronger against future allergies, however, to get better the hygiene conditions have been reduced germs and are least prepared. Other causes are influencing contact with chemicals and using drugs to colds and flu as antibiotics and anti pyretics. Continue reading Tips for respiratory allergies

Alcohol excessively also linked to back pain

The back pain is one of the most common ailments in the current population which can significantly affect the excellence of life of sufferers, and while it may be caused by spinal problems, there are also external factors linked with their development as indicated by a original study indicates that excessive drinking is also linked to back pain. Although no causal relationship, if it is concluded in this study that evaluated data from more than 1 million people with low back pain that people who are needy on alcohol intake are 15% higher incidence of back pain than those who drink with moderation or not drink.

Alcohol excessively also linked to back pain

Similarly, it was learned that smokers, people with obesity and those suffering from despair also have higher prevalence of back pain, either because the disease increases the impact on the spine, because it reduces blood flow or because it enhances the feeling of pain in people with these conditions. It is the first time a study has linked excessive alcohol intake with the increased presence of back pain, which leads us to believe that to reduce the risk of back pain is key to have a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading Alcohol excessively also linked to back pain

How to control appetite

When we talk about weight loss and many do not know what to do because despite eating properly ea scale still remained immovable. Therefore, it is important to consider a number of points that can help us not to stop eating and maintaining a proper weight. Therefore, in this post we want to dwell on these points. It is essential to bear in mind that at the time of taking food there is an vital psychological component. On the one hand, we have the physiological need to equip the body of nutrients to function, and the other is the gastronomic culture and what we have been taught over the years. That is the most vital fraction and the guilty, in most cases, that inability to lose weight.

Keeping the weight

Control calories

First, we need to be aware of the calories that give us food. Knowing the calories you give us versus nutrients that are going to provide is essential, and it is easy to make a little exercise before food to eat food. As much as we like, often a food like sweets or foods high in saturated fats, sometimes we only provide that, no important nutrient, which will once again have hunger and we exceed the calories needed for a day. Continue reading How to control appetite

Benefits of Vitamin D from the sun

Natural light makes us feel better, happier and optimistic thanks to the production of vitamin D. It is true that the sun recharges the batteries. The source of this welfare is the production of vitamin D; 10 minutes a day are enough to recharge your deposits. Discover the benefits of the sun, provided they do not abuse it and you protect the most of your skin.

Benefits of Vitamin D from the sun

The ultraviolet rays encourage the production of vitamin D in the skin, essential for bone mineralization as it helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine and prevents its loss in the kidney. You only need 10 minutes a day of exposure to the sun to recharge our stores of vitamin D.

Benefits of Vitamin D from the sun

Improves acne and psoriasis a mild moderate exposure to sunlight (avoid the middle of the day) helps to recall skin problems such as acne or psoriasis. The achievement is gradual, after an initial week of cleaning impurities sun improves the appearance of skin. It strengthens our immune system. The sun increases our defenses against infections as colds and flu because it increases the production of lymphocytes or white blood cells. Continue reading Benefits of Vitamin D from the sun

Healthy way of life in older people

In other many occasions talked about the benefits of exercise in that it is effective for preventing and treating many diseases have a great power to gauge help older people maintain a good level of health. The exercise in older people is good for maintaining physical and capabilities mental, being healthy way of life for good measure to maintain quality of life of older people, something we also speak the results of the study to which we reference. The study has been published online in the journal The Lancet right of entry to theoretical the original here.

healthy foods list

For the study, conducted in Finland, he had 1260 subjects 60-77 years of age classified as at risk for dementia and risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a standardized test. Participants were randomly assigned to the intervention group (631 participants) or control group (629 subjects). People on the intervention group performed at the level of your diet, exercise, cognitive training and monitoring of vascular risk, while the control group received general health advice. Continue reading Healthy way of life in older people

Food for Better Sleep

Fatigue, nervousness, irritability, difficulty concentrating can come from lack of sleep. Many people, especially children and the elderly or people with stress and schedule changes to sleep. If you are one of them, you may need to change your habits and food to relax. The dinner is very important to introduce light and calming foods that promote sleep. The most can help you sleep are those low in fat, near to the ground in calories, protein, carbohydrates and calcium. The stress of the day you can producers accelerates and nervousness and palpitations. To quell that feeling enters your dinner foods rich in magnesium and magnesium kept at bay cardiovascular rhythm and B vitamins (B6, B1, B12) sedative effect.

Food for Better Sleep

Ideal for relaxing dinner:

First: Leafy vegetables chard, spinach or lettuce, which relaxes the nerves and controls palpitations Second, I Grilled fish, eggs or omelets lean meats. Dessert: you can take fruit (apple, banana or pineapple) or nonfat dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese). Complement: Enter a small amount of whole grains. You can eat a piece of bread to accompany dinner or a comprehensive cookie or handful of whole grains magnesium with milk or yogurt.  Before bed: A relaxing infusion of lime, lemon balm, passionflower, valerian, hops, hawthorn Blanco, and lavender with a teaspoon of honey. Continue reading Food for Better Sleep

Tips and home remedies for sinusitis

There are some tips that can help ease the symptoms of this condition. For example, use a humidifier in our house or room. Since dry environments tend to dry out the nasal passages by a mucus plug that prevents us breathe naturally forms. Also, if our nostrils are respected run the risk that some internal venita our nose is broken and we bleed or go away traces of blood when we try sonorous.

Tips and home remedies for sinusitis

Connecting a humidifier or vaporizer in our house is not a cause for life allergens Type mites or fungus-type mold (these live and breed in moist site).Therefore, in the case of using any of these humidifiers apparatus, it is not sensible to keep on continuously but do time intervals. In addition, most caring cleaning these devices to avoid bacteria and breathe when it is connected are created. We can also use to give baths nasal mist, as they are decongestants, help dissolve mucus and relax the muscles of the respiratory system. In addition, the fumes not only relieve symptoms but also stop mucus repeated. Continue reading Tips and home remedies for sinusitis